Is this the end..???

This is not the end This is not the beginning 

This is me,writing in this present world,about my…….affection 

If you ask me,I can tell you. I don’t know how much sincere I am in my writings . But this one,will be a remainder to myself. To make me think twice, before hoping for someone or something……
It all started from a moment when I noticed her presence beside me for the very first time.

We both were quiet for sometime . Really awkward. Moments passed,by gathering all my courage, I asked ……for her name…..

She replied. I don’t know what happened next. I don’t know what happened that whole day .
We were from two entirely different districts and hundreds of kilometres apart. When she smiled at me and talked with me ,I couldn’t understand her clearly. For her I think it was or were friendship only. But……for me it was a whole new life…
I couldn’t find the appropriate words to show my emotions.
It’s true…that I didn’t showed my feelings towards you. I honestly don’t want to end up like this 
If you ever ever see this, just understand that i……….WAS…happy then……….


IES – a Dream

I am sure that everyone of you is familiar with IAS,IPS and IFS.
But how many of knew that there is also a three letter IES which stands for Indian Engineering Service. I was also not known about this for many a years. Few years back i was coined with this three letters by a renowned professor from SRM university whose lecture i was attending.

The three letters made me curious to know more about it. And i also wanted to know why i was not known or heard about it. I wanted to know more about it.  so,i googled it.  I was surprise by the fact that an IES officer enjoyed the same recognition as that of an IAS officer.  Any candidate from this nationality whose age between 21 and 30 with a degree in engineering can apply for this post. It is through Union Public Service Commission(UPSC), the exams are conducted for this post. It has a number of posts in almost every field. But,the maximum number of attempts that can be made is only 4. The whole process consists of a number of tests and interview.

A lot of people,a lot times asked me “what is your dream”?  Actually i had many .But it is changing from one to another with my age. But above them all,i have this dream,to be an IES officer. I wanted to write about this many years ago.  But, it was today i understood my capability and got a confidence to speak about it………………………………….

———–MY WIFE ———–

I will consider you as my wife.You can ask me what is the logic behind calling that.I haven’t even said ‘i love you’.I didn’t even have much conversations with you expect a few.But still, I will call you “MY WIFE”.

I knew you for ages.If i dig my childhood memories,I am sure you will be there as spectacular as ever.I have been loving you since my loving hormones came into existence.At first i thought it be just an attraction or as you may call, Infatuation .But slowly and strongly,you were being a part of me.You are the very reason for my existence.You are the drug which gives me the power to face tomorrows. These are not merely just words.These are coming right from the bottom of my heart.Your smile made me more confident and nothing in this world can beat it. Fearness became a distant companion with your soundless words.I have never seen a good dancer than you.You made everyone special wih your infectious smile.You have became a part of my daily routine.I bid goodbyes to the nights with your sweet smile and welcomes the day with your warm hug.Although i knew,these are just imaginations,a part of me still believes it to be mere reality. I lack the the confidence which you gave me with an impossible smile,just to ask you.

Now I think fate is also against us.You are going to a distant land for your degree and to make your dream , IAS ,a reality.I don’t know if I will ever be able to ask you what my heart wants the most.I LOVE YOU with all my heart, forever.I don’t know if you will ever see this.If your answer is a NO,don’t tell me right now.Because i will stop trying to be with you.And i will never be able to face a tomorrow.

“If God have made anything more beautiful than you,I am pretty sure he will keep it for himself”

I will wait and wait and wait………………………………………………………………….

You’re the Password to my life

We all have that one person in our lives in whose absence life seems meaningless!

First look at the title and the cover and a reader can easily fall in love with it
The story is of Virat, Kavya, Mahek, Rohan & Riddhima. They are not related to each other, but still they are related.

How far and importantly to what extent can two friends sacrifice for extending their friendship? This novel holds answer to this question. Nagarkar has once done a commendable job in brining characters to life and provides an exciting climax to this wonderful saga.

you can download this pdf You're the Password to My Life – Sudeep Nagarkar

Till The Last Breath

When I read the synopsis of this book ”Till the last Breath” I found it hard to convince myself that how can Durjoy, an engineering graduate, a management degree holder, pull of a story on doctors, diseases, patients and medicine.

The book is about two people who belong to different paths of life. One is a nineteen-year-old girl, Pihu Malhotra, who is a medical student. And the other is a careless, irresponsible twenty-five year old boy, Dushyant Roy. However, fate brings them under one roof, in Room No.509 of GKL Hospital.

The whole story line is based in a hospital ward. Keeping this as a base, writing 237 page novel isn’t a joke or a game. One needs to have a sense of writing, creativity, story-formation to make it interesting up to the end. Though initially, I felt it hard when the connection of each character was shown with each other but later when I got it embedded in my mind for next few hours, I got the real fun of reading the book.

You can download this pdf Till the Last Breath – Durjoy Datta

Hold My Hand

Some books can’t be described in terms of the content and plot they carry in them. They have a lot more in them than we as a reader think of. Stories which are free from regular cliches and with a different tell tale for everyone. Author Durjoy Datta in his latest novel “Hold My Hand” takes one more step towards exploring human emotions in a different way.

It’s not a typical college love story. It’s not typical author Durjoy Datta’s style. It’s not a regular story. It’s an experiment towards exploiting love through the eyes of a blind girl and a nerd boy.

you can download this pdf Hold-my-Hand-Durjoy-Datta

Of Course I Love You!

“Imagination seldom runs wild, but when it does, you have a book.”

At the start, I was too bored to read this book. It seemed like any college-love-story kinda book. In fact, it is any college-love-story kinda book, but the author’s – don’t know whether it is Durjoy’s or Maanvi’s – writing and the dark and crude humor made it a little interesting.
But, people criticize Durjoy for his crudeness, but that is what I loved about this book.

One more aspect, other than its crudeness, that I liked about this book is that it even paced. Neither fast nor slow, the book just flows in a smooth manner.

you can download this pdf Of Course I Love You! – Durjoy Datta

You Were My Crush

You Were My crush’ is another bestseller by Durjoy Datta. And finally I do know how he manages to get this tag during the preorder phase itself, even before his books are released.

A great author who knows how to strike a chord with the reader’s heart & Mind; and when you read his novels, the first thing that escapes your mouth is “This is So Damn True”.

‘You Were My Crush’ is a story that takes you to into introspection and you are forced to think, in fact, re-think about your love life. You analyze yourself and the best part is there is no forced idealism with some of the thoughts make you strain hard and realize that actually there is a darker side in everyone of us and those idealistic definitions belong to the Vedic age.This book has high emotional drama, trust and lots of love .

you can download this pdfYou Were My Crush_ Till You Said You Love Me – Durjoy Datta

Our Impossible Love

           Our Impossible Love is a story of Danish Roy and Aisha Paul, both different in their own way since school time, and find it very hard to compare themselves with their classmates and peers. But time brings both of them together and then how chemistry changes and twists and turns happen is what makes Our Impossible Love a book that you would ask everyone to read at least once.

This is a book that you should definitely read. It is something that you can relate to, a story that will take you back to your teenage days when you would have loved someone like Danish to be there in your life, to help you make some decisions, tell you what is right and what is wrong

you can download this pdf Our Impossible Love – Durjoy Datta

It Started With A Friend Request

Why don’t we feel the moment when we fall in love but always remember when it ends?

By reading the title you must be thinking that this novel is based on FACEBOOK …but No,thats not correct ! it has no relation with FB . Title is so because, it fits with the situation absolutely and it is very close to the author’s heart !

The strong message that is conveyed here is – to value friendship and value relations till they exist. We generally realize importance of even the smallest thing when it’s lost or not with us.

After reading a variety of novels written by different novelists i was thinking of the fact that in all these,to some extend ,man was the one who always feared and respected love  but at the end he will be the major victim……

you can download this pdf. it-started-with-a-friend-request